Students with this elective have chosen to be ready for the oil and gas industry. Their knowledge of Chemical Engineering will be enhanced with knowledge of the oil and gas industry. Since, Sabah has a strong oil and gas industry, there is a need for engineers to have the fundamentals of the oil and gas upstream technical knowledge, value chain functions of exploration and production as well as knowledge of terms and definitions to communicate effectively with technical professionals.  The course is aimed at introducing to new students the various aspects of the oil and gas industry, specifically on upstream process, and makes them aware of the role of various disciplines throughout the life cycle of petroleum.  The course will be taught in several modules by specialists in the various disciplines involved in each step of the petroleum life cycle, starting with geoscientists who will introduce acreage basin analysis, prospect evaluation, exploration techniques, and discovery appraisal; petroleum engineers who will elaborate on the field development planning, drilling, reservoir engineering and production technology; chemical, mechanical and electrical engineers who will introduce manufacturing of petroleum products. This course also covers concepts of reservoir fluids, phase behaviour of hydrocarbon system, rock properties, pressure regime, reserve estimation, drive mechanism, material balance equation and applications.