Credit Hour : 2 hours
Contact Hours : 2 hours
This course is designed for students to reinforce their English language skills and is geared specially towards the purpose of promoting effective oral and written communication for the workplace. As they undergo simulated workplace tasks, students learn the skills of oral communication for attending interviews, conducting meetings and delivering presentations. The course also provides practices to enhance reading and writing abilities for business settings including composing emails, preparing meeting documents, notices, proposals, and promotional materials. Designed with the intention of assisting students in their future endeavor of securing a job and eventual career development, this course utilizes a group project framework that promotes both cooperative and competitive learning environment for the students to fully practice and capitalize on their existing language abilities to generate more advance language skills necessary for the workplace.
Upon completion of UB02002, students will be able to:
i. To communicate ideas effectively in English using
  accurate language in appropriate workplace settings.
ii. To read, comprehend and prepare a range of formal business documents.
iii. To apply appropriate written and spoken skills in a variety of business situations.
iv. To apply the acquired job seeking and workplace skills in future career development
Assessment Methods and Types
Formative and Summative 
Assessment Components                          Percentage
Job Interview                                                  20%
Company’s Meeting                                        20%
Test                                                                 10%
On-line Communication                                  10%
Project Proposal                                              15%
Marketing the Project (Presentation)               25%
TOTAL                                                            100%
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