Nature interpretation revolves around the clarification of biological entities and explanation of ecological processes for the purpose of environmental appreciation among people with limited understanding of Biology; it is a necessary aspect of environmental awareness, studies and appreciation. It is defined as a process of communication that forms emotional and intellectual connections between the interests of the audience and the inherent meanings of the natural resource. The Nature Interpretation Course is introduced as a mean for ecology students to explore the usage of communication aspects for environmental understanding and appreciation. This course provides clarification on the meaning of interpretation, its principles, the systems, tools and methods used to increase the quality of nature interpretation. This includes the principle of effective interpretive and guiding skills, the speaker-listener relationship, and the influence of mediums. Besides this, the course provides a platform for the discussion of issues and challenges in the act of interpretation. The course assessments include assignments and tests. It is hoped that through this course, participants would be empowered with the knowledge about the interpretation of nature interpretation.